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Cook in Israel: Home Cooking Inspiration with Orly Ziv



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Nutritionist, cooking instructor, and culinary tour guide Orly Ziv is pleased to announce the release of her first cookbook, Cook in Israel: Home Cooking Inspiration with Orly Ziv. Filled with 100 kosher, mostly vegetarian Israeli recipes accompanied by beautiful color photographs (including many step-by-step illustrations), the cookbook shows that healthy and delicious home cooking doesn't need to be time consuming or complicated.


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"I am in love with your Cook Book, and have now read it cover to cover. I shared it with a neighbor last night who oo'd and ahh'd with every page.

I am no cook. Cooking for one does not inspire one to do it often. But yesterday I made hummus, from scratch and I made your Sephardic Style Baked Fish and I think it turned out perfectly! (and several other dishes). I plan to make it again when I do a Shabbat Dinner.

I plan to cook my way through every recipe! You have inspired me, and shown me it is not as hard as I thought to make interesting dishes. It is such a beautiful, beautiful book." Judy Davis


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Grains, Legumes amd Fish Recipes
Sweets, Holidays and Family Recipes


 Drawing on her Jewish-Greek heritage and the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors of her Tel Aviv home, Orly focuses on fresh flavors and simple techniques that are as suitable for weeknight meals as they are for entertaining. Through her company, Cook in Israel, Orly welcomes people from around the world into her city and her home to get to know her culture through food and cooking. Now, this experience is available to anyone, anywhere through her cookbook.



"The book is marvelous. I have had a chance to look thru it in more detail and am even more impressed. Made the rice w/turmeric and cinnamon.....very nice. We have had success moving the book...it's well worth the $35" George, USA


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