Great Moments 2015

My Great Moment 2015

End of the year already? It's gone too fast - isn't it? Well when you enjoy time flies by :-)

Let me share with you my great moments of this year:

My best moment was when I travelled to India to meet my middle daughter who was travelling there few month already. We took a cooking class together which was so much fun. Now I understand even better how it feels to take a cooking class with someone you love at a foreign country. Now you know that I also like Indian food not just Israeli food :-)

My  surprise moment was to meet my clients from last year, during my tour at the market. This time they were  guiding their parents through the market, stopping to sample the same food they did last year with me. Isn't it wonderful?!

My excitement  moment  was when I reprint  my cookbook.  Thank you for loving it!

Here are some pictures ….

When I started 'Cookinisrael'  seven years ago, I didn't have a clue that this is going to be so exciting.  I'm having so much fun. I meet people from all over the world. They cook in my home kitchen, meet my family and by the end of the day we all feel like an international family - that's unique! To be honest with you,  I don't feel like working - I feel blessed!

 Recently I was told  "you bring the international cultures to you"  which is so true and wonderful.

I thank you all for coming and joining me in my cooking tours !

I'm always thrilled to meet my guests, more so when they choose my tour as birthday gift! Being someone's gift - that's so special.

There's no age for loving to cook and eat, my youngest student  was 3 years old and my eldest was over 80 but she seemed ageless :-)

Please keep sharing with me  your memories and your successful dishes from my recipes.  You are most welcome to post on my FB page.


Wishing you a wonderful new year full of great moments !

With much Love


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