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Packing Right for the Perfect Israeli Cooking Vacation


Packing right for an Israel cooking vacation is just as important as using the right ingredients in a recipe. If you pack right, your trip will be that much more enjoyable. That's especially true since the climate in Israel can change dramatically even within 100 miles or less, particularly during the short winter months. Since most Cooking vacations in Israel include tours throughout the country, it's wise to know what's in store for you. To give you some packing ideas for one of your next cooking vacations, we've included our recommendations according to season.

Late summer, early fall

From September through the end of October, the weather throughout the country is still warm during the day, but tends to cool down at night. That's especially true in the mountainous regions of Jerusalem and the Galilee, where an occasional windy spell makes wearing a sweater or windbreaker a must during your cooking vacation. Daytime temperatures can average in the high ‘80's (about 30 Celsius), while nighttime temperatures can drop to the mid ‘50's (around 12 Celsius). If you happen to be touring the coastal region (Tel Aviv, Herzlyia, Netanya) on one of your cooking vacations, a pair of shorts will come in handy for the afternoon Mediterranean heat. Daytime temperatures are similar to those in Jerusalem and the Galilee (but with more humidity), while nighttime temperatures are a bit warmer (in the mid 60's, or about 18 Celsius).

Late fall, winter

Israel experiences the biggest weather changes during the late fall and winter months (November through March). However, the winters in Israel aren't nearly as harsh as winters in other climates, although it's recommended to bring both a light and heavier weight jacket. Most of the time the weather is pleasant, with heavy rain only occurring during one or two months of the year. Daytime temperatures in Jerusalem and the Galilee range in the lower to mid 50's (10 – 14 Celsius), while nighttime lows drop to the 30's and low 40's (2 – 7 Celsius). Coastal temperatures range from the mid 50's to the mid 70's (12 – 23 Celsius) during the day and then drop to the 40's and low 50's at night (7 – 12 Celsius).


Spring is perhaps the most pleasant time of year in the country. The weather is still crisp at night with temperatures in the mountains in the 40's and 50's (7 - 14 Celsius) and 50's and 60's along the coast (10 - 18 Celsius). Temperatures during the day are warm and comfortable, with highs in the 70's through the 80's (23 – 30 Celsius) in the mountains and 80's (26 – 30 Celsius) on the coast.
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