Israeli Food Cooking & Baking Classes | Cooking Classes for Israeli Recipe

Cooking vacations with a Mediterranean accent
in the biblical Land of Milk and Honey
Taste the real Israel on our exciting culinary tours! Food, wine, culture, fun, hands-on cooking classes in Israel - join us for unforgettable cooking vacations!

Driven by my love and passion for Israeli food cooking and baking I most looking forward to introduce you Israel through food, culture, cooking Israeli recipes and home hospitality.

I am so proud that Israeli food is so diverse that you will be tasting so many Israeli foods from our delicious melting pot. Through our market tours you will havea very unusual experience.We will be exploring the food & spices through the market, with several stops to taste local Israeli foods and shop for the cooking class of Israeli recipes.

While food has always been a part of my life, it wasn't until 2009 that I turned my passion into a business and started taking tourists on culinary tours in Israel and introduce Israeli food


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