One of The Best Tel Aviv Attractions And What to Do in Israel

Tel Aviv Attractions - The Best Things to Do in Israel
Tel Aviv is somewhat of a hidden jewel in the Mediterranean. People who visit the city never want to leave, and those that live here couldn't consider living anywhere else. Why? In short, it offers what no other city in the Middle East can - a mixture of beautiful beaches, aromatic dishes, extravagant people, and a booming culture that could rival any Westernised city.

Some people know Tel Aviv as the “White City”, which derives from the Bauhaus architecture of buildings that can be found in the city. People in Tel Aviv are renowned for their friendliness and openness. Informality is just about every Tel Avivian's middle name. People in the street will call you their brother or sister, and will take to you very warmly from the moment you meet.

To top it all up, although it is the largest city in Israel, everything is a short distance away. This greatly adds to the community feel of the city and interaction between Tel Avivians. In fact, walking distance from the centre lays one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean, if not in the world. The weather is always smiling in Israel, and the beach is an attraction for locals and tourists during all seasons, day or night.

In fact, Tel Avivians themselves hardly find time to sleep. And who can blame them? Nightclubs are open all week long to the early hours of the morning, and some restaurants are open 24/7.
These are some of the reasons why cooking vacations in Tel Aviv are amazing!

 The Famous Tel Aviv Attractions: Mouthwatering Israeli Cuisines


Tel Aviv Attractions | Tel Aviv Attractions Israel | Cooking Vacations | israeli cuisine

Tel Aviv doesn't have a regular history like other major European towns. It wasn't a centre of commerce or a junction for merchants. Its humble beginnings can be traced to a small neighbourhood of Yafo, it formed the basis of Yafo's port. It gradually grew, and finally boomed to become the centre of business, culture, fashion, film and food in Israel. It is quite sensational to consider that a few years ago the entire landscape of the city was completely different. Today, you can be astounded by the beautiful architecture that the city has to offer.

What to Do in Tel Aviv- Israel
One of the most prominent and interesting facets of the White City is the vast amount of immigrants that live within it (a common feature of great cities, the likes of London, New York, etc.). Since Tel Aviv is an energetic port city, it has been an ideal destination port for migration waves from around the world bringing in new culture and life. The mixture has blended together surprisingly well, and together an exciting and vibrant Tel Avivian atmosphere has been born.

Tel Aviv Attractions | Tel Aviv Attractions Israel | Cooking Vacations |israeli cuisine

Tel Aviv- Learn Israeli Cooking Classes
Moreover, the integration of these migration waves has brought in new cuisine from the likes of South America, Asia, Africa and more. Tel Avivians can now benefit from a diverse and highly delicious range of food from top gourmet restaurants to acclaimed street stalls. Nothing in Tel Aviv is just ordinary. One of the most famous Tel Aviv Attractions is the wonderful varieties of food you can eat here. 

Tel Aviv Attractions | Tel Aviv Attractions Israel | Cooking Vacations | israeli cuisine

It is no wonder that The New York Times has recently rated Tel Aviv as the capital of Mediterranean “cool”. Culinary Tours in Israel just can't skip this city.

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