Cooking food tour Tel Aviv - my point of view

Cooking food tour Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv food tour - a great kick off to your

trip in Israel

Let me share with you my point of view. Leaving home in the morning, fresh to meet new people, people who are eager to learn, taste and experience the food scene of Tel Aviv, feels so excited every single time.

I live just 30 min away from Tel Aviv Carmel market. My way to the market passes through one of Tel Aviv attractions - the beach! Most days are sunny bright and the ocean is so peaceful - such an inspiration to start another food tour in Tel Aviv.

Every food tour Tel Aviv, I lead, even though it is in my home market, feels like travelling to a new place as I meet international people from all over the world. Sometimes I'll be in three continents at the same day which is absolutely amazing! I meet people from Australia, United States and Japan or maybe a someone from New Zeeland who recently lives in Montenegro, a German lady who lives in Paris and American woman who came to visit an Israeli relative - so many cultures meet together around the Israeli food table. We open our home to all these lovely people who come to open their senses to new flavors, smells, colors and more. The sounds of the Israeli market are unique and interaction with the people is so friendly. Tel Aviv food tour is the most amazing of Tel Aviv attractions!



Our meeting point is at the market, people always recognize me as they've seen my photo on the web and me I recognize them by the look of their eyes. The moment our eyes click our hearts open to the culinary adventure of the day - cooking food tour Tel Aviv. It is always an adventure also for me, as I learn so much about my language and my country through the fresh eyes and ears of my guests. Funny :-)

At the end of the day at the end of our cooking class in Israel which took place in my home kitchen, we already got to know each other much more. We sit around the table to have all the Israeli dishes we cooked together and we will take last photos to keep these moments in our memories. We all feel as new friendship was born from around the world through having Israeli food! What a magical day this is :-)


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