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Cooking vacations- Cooking Utensils for an Israeli home

Cooking food at home gives you a chance to explore the flavor combinations created by cultures around the world. Each kitchen requires a handful of basic tools and utensils, no matter where it is located. Israeli kitchens are filled with these items but also tend to contain a few extra tools that make it easier to create amazing dishes. You will need to become familiar with these utensils and their uses before signing up for a cooking class in Tel Aviv.

Kosher Equipment

You don`t need special cookware just to follow the rules of kosher dining, but you do need to use your utensils properly to keep them kosher. The most important rule to follow involves the cooking of foods containing meat or milk. You can`t combine the two in one meal, but rather cook and eat them separately with at least two hours between meals. Pots and pans used for cooking meat should never be used for milk dishes and vice versa. Investing in at least two sets of cookware will make it easy to create delicious foods at home that follow the rules of kosher dining.

Cutting Boards

It`s hard to dice carrots, slice meat or chop cheese without a durable surface to hold the ingredients. Look for a cutting board made from plastic, wood or bamboo. Plastic cutting boards will last for years and can sit in a sink without damage, but wood and bamboo have natural anti-bacterial properties. Look for a large board or invest in a few smaller ones. You should have separate boards for meat and vegetables to avoid cross-contamination. Serious food-borne illnesses are often spread by improper handling and disinfection of cutting boards.

Chef`s Knife

There are dozens of different types of knives used by professional chefs. It may be tempting to invest in a full set of 20 various blades before enjoying one of the many cooking vacations Israel has to offer. However, a basic chef`s knife is all you really need to get started. Look for a model with an eight-inch blade for maximum versatility. You can slice, dice, fillet and debone with this one knife. Pick a knife in person if you can. You need to handle each blade to get a feel for its weight and balance. A model that is too heavy for your wrist will cause fatigue and strain during marathon cooking sessions.

Stirring and Scooping

While ladles, slotted spoons and whisks are all individual utensils, they are often sold as complete sets. You need to have at least one of each to create delicious desserts or mouth-watering soups. You won`t be able to serve up the tasty borscht you`ll find on a Jerusalem food tour if you don`t have anything to scoop it with. Nylon and silicone-coated tools resist damage from the heat and are easier to clean than wooden utensils.


Finally, don`t forget about the importance of a grater. You can remove fresh lemon zest with one side and then grate cheese for a pasta dish on the other side. Grating vegetables speeds up the processing time for many dishes, especially if the recipe calls for finely diced or shredded materials. There`s no need to buy a whole set of microplaner sor a large food processor if you have a handy six-sided grater in the kitchen.



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