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Cooking Vacations In Israel - one day tours

If you want to experience the tastes of Israel, a one-day tour to a specific area of the country is a great idea. We offer a number of one-day tours as well as a two-day tour to the Galilee. Each tour focuses on a specific location and allows you to taste the typical flavors of the location of your choice. Naturally, each tour includes a cooking lesson or workshop where you will not only learn about cooking in Israel and Israeli cuisine, but prepare a full meal to be enjoyed then and there. We expect to add more and more one-day tours, catering to those of you who are visiting Israel and wish to experience it through your taste buds.

The tours are organized for small groups up to 6 participants.


A Culinary Tour in Tel-Aviv (one day)
The tour will start in the Carmel market, Tel-Aviv's famous, colorful and rich market. The market includes a myriad of products sold on stalls, from fruit and vegetables to spices, fish and meat, as well as kitchen utensils and even clothes. Our focus will be of course on food products since we will be visiting the market to shop for our Israeli cooking class which will take place right after we're done exploring the stalls and tasting some of the market's special products.



Enjoy a full day, shopping at the market, hands-on cooking class with one of our Israeli chefs for an introduction to authentic Israeli / ethnic recipes. This fun experience will be happening in an intimate atmosphere at the chf's home.
Discover step-by-step how to make a satisfying, full Israeli meal from appetizers to dessert.
The Israeli cooking class will include cooking a full meal for lunch. The market's fresh produce, spices, meats and fish will allow us a close acquaintance with the best options offered by the Israeli cuisine, with possible detours into the realms of the various Mediterranean cuisines, from Spain to Lebanon, from Italy to North-Africa, and even a touch of Provençal cooking, all possible based on what the market has to offer.
At the end of the day you will enjoy the fruits of your labor! Eat the fresh feast that you just created complemented by Israeli wines.
Schedule: Meeting in Carmel market Tel-Aviv, at about 09:00AM, with the tour ending at about 3-4 PM.
This tour is offered also to individuals and small groups less than 6.

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A Food Tour in Jerusalem (one day)

We will meet at the Jerusalem's famous Mahane Yehuda market and start with a guided tour of this rich and varied market in the center of Jerusalem, occupying an area of small streets, always offering something new and surprising. The market reflects the multi-cultural nature of Israel's capital and offers anything from Arab and Middle-Eastern foodstuffs to delicacies from the cuisines of the Caucasus, products for cooking Ethiopian dishes or old-style Sephardic Jerusalem recipes.
In recent years, the Mahane Yehuda market has flourished from a traditional market of shops and stalls to include some of the best eating-places in Jerusalem and some say in the country. We will have various tasting of the in few of the choice eateries in the market itself.



We will explore and taste the market from the various bakeries, through the spices, fresh produce and localy home  made food.
Schedule: Meeting in Mahne - Yehuda in Jerusalem at about 10:00 ending at about 1PM.
The tour is offered to small groups (min 2 people).



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