Cooking Vacations - Arab Cooking from the Galilee

Arab Cooking from the Galilee on our Cooking Vacations

A fine reason for choosing the Galilee for your cooking vacations or even shorter culinary tours

Jews and Arabs living in Israel have been engaged in a continuing culinary dialogue. Just like the relations between us, members of these two groups, this dialogue has known ups and downs with friction and strife alongside love and mutual respect. Once, Israeli Jews used to think that all the Arab cuisine has to offer is hummus and the chopped fresh salad. Yet in recent years, many Israelis have been discovering the practically limitless riches of the traditional Arab cuisine which includes truly outstanding dishes. This might be the beginning of a more genuine acquaintance between the two populations.

Cooking Vacations - A Cooking Class in the Galilee

The Arabs in the Galilee cook strictly according to the seasons, using a variety of wild plants and local spices which enrich the food with unique tastes. During our cooking vacations and culinary tours we will visit the home of one of these great artists of taste – Habib Daoud, the owner of “Ezba”, a celebrated restaurant in the Galilee. Habib and his wife Minerba cook together a wide range of impressive dishes based on a treasure trove of recipes passed on by Habib's mother, who in turn inherited them from generations of family culinary artists. The ingredients are grown by the neighbors and the herbs used to condiment the dishes are picked near home. Every recipe has a story and the members of the family, all warm people, add more than a pinch of love to the pots and pans.

One of the salads which was warmly welcome by the Israeli cuisine is the tabouleh. You can find it in many restaurants in Israel, but it proudly hails from the Arab cuisine.

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