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What To Do in Tel Aviv- Learn Cooking Food

Israel is a land like no other, a land of diversity, beauty, and opportunity. People who visit come for many reasons: for the religion and history, for the culture and museums, for the beach and amazing spas, for the nature and wildlife, Tel Aviv attractions and, of course, for the food and wine! This amazing amount of diversity leads to one issue: what to do in Israel.

The cuisine of Israel is incredibly diverse, having been brought here through generations of families who have come to the country from all four corners of the world. It is a unique fusion of Arabic spices and heavy European dishes, a true East meets West scenario, which has been greatly enhanced in recent years by Israelis who have travelled abroad, often training in the top kitchens in major cities around the world, who have returned with even more techniques, flavours, and ideas!

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, a centre of religion and history. The Old City of Jerusalem is home to holy sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims! It is an incredibly intense place, unlike anywhere else on earth! When planning what to do in Jerusalem, many tourists decide to visit a combination of sites in the Old City and Modern City. Taking a culinary tour of Jerusalem gives another perspective and insight into the vibrancy of this city, in a way that only food can! Exploring the Machane Yehuda Market (‘the shuk'), and then taking the produce back for your cooking lesson, you will create real, top quality cuisine which reflects the diversity and melting pot which Jerusalem represents.

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Tel Aviv is totally different to Jerusalem. It is a city of modern culture and commerce, with beautiful beaches, parties, and people! What to do in Tel Aviv   a culinary tour of Tel Aviv is a unique experience. In this tour, you can explore the Carmel Market, the main marketplace of Tel Aviv, and create some incredible Mediterranean food of your own – a six or seven course meal to be precise. You'll learn techniques and explore flavours which you will take back home with you, and remember your amazing visit to Israel through. It's a very tasty alternative to photos?
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And then, there's the Galilee in the north of the country, a land with a Tuscan-like landscape. Green lush hills, pretty villages and towns, and many, many historic and archaeological sites cover the landscape. With this quaintness come many opportunities for culinary tours, and Galilee culinary tour includes visiting the shuk in the city of Akko, a famous hummus restaurant, and a beautiful dairy farm. You will have an authentic Arabic cookery lesson, and will also get a glimpse into the amazing world of Israeli wine and visit one of the many top Israeli wineries which are taking on the world of wine!

Travelling to Israel is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and with such an amazing range of things to do, you will be able to tailor your trip to really appeal to your interests and requirements! Be sure to consider including a culinary tour in your itinerary, it really is amazing!

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