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Cooking Vacations in Israel


The best kept secret of culinary travelers

When we think about enticing cooking vacations, the places that usually come to mind are France and Italy, both famous for the great variety of possibilities for food lovers. The small country of Israel, however, has managed to stay under the radar of culinary travelers, even though it has one of the most fascinating culinary scenes in the world. Well, it is time the secret is out - Israel is indeed one of the most wonderful places for a great cooking vacation. Here's why…

A Cooking vacation in Israel

  • We have everything! National cuisines from all over the world, as well as unique combinations of different cuisines. You will be able to enjoy the best Persian delicacies alongside supreme Russian food, juicy Balkan treats and the best dishes of African cuisine. This rich, authentic tapestry of tastes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world makes Israel the perfect location for the perfect cooking vacation.
  • Israel is indeed a small country. You can cross it in one week of easy traveling, have a taste of the delicious boutique wines of the north and breathe the fresh mountain air of Jerusalem on the same day. Instead of spending the whole week in one location you will be able to travel through many magical places while enjoying the amazing variety of exotic cuisines the land of Israel has to offer.
  • The weather in Israel is lovely most of the year. When most of Europe and the US are snowed in, Israel is warm and sunny. This is why Israel is a preferred tourist destination year-round and even more so for Cooking Vacations.
  • As is well known, Israel is one of the leading agricultural powers in the world. This is also manifested in the amazing variety of fresh fruits and vegetables for the reasonable prices of agricultural produce. Local restaurants offer a wonderful selection of vegetable dishes, salads and casseroles that you have probably never tasted before.
  • For those of you who are partial for Kosher food, you'll be happy to find dozens of excellent quality Kosher restaurants, offering the best Kosher cuisine that will allow you to enjoy the Cooking Vacations to their fullest.
  • For such a small country, Israel has an astoundingly varied topography. The sea brings in through the ports a selection of fresh fish and seafood and the mountains and meadows are great for raising goats and lambs to produce the wonderful selection of local cheeses, as well as vineyards for producing the excellent local wine.
  • But perhaps the best reason for Cooking Vacations in Israel is the people. Israelis take great pride in their food and are very enthusiastic to share the secrets of their cuisine. Israeli people love to tell stories about their family recipes and special family delicacies. They are an easy-going, informal, hospitable people and their warm and open attitude towards gourmet food lovers makes Israel a real paradise for culinary travelers. This is the place to ask, to learn, to experiment, to snoop around, to stick your fingers in the pot and to have a taste of one of the most fascinating cuisines in the world.

All in all, cooking vacations in Israel present a unique and wonderful combination of authentic local foods, boutique wines, exotic landscape, wonderful weather and the most warm and easy going people who would be happy to extend their hospitality and to teach you the secrets of the local cuisine. What else do you need for perfect Cooking Vacations?

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