Jewish Recipes


Israel is a melting-pot where you can be inspired with so many different cultures, foods and recipes. Jewish people came from all over the world and brought with them their Jewish recipes influenced by the foods, herbs and spices of their environment from around the middle-east through the Mediterranean countries to East of Europe. People came over from Iraq, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Poland, Germany and more.


All Jewish recipes are kosher which means that all the ingredients are kosher and the dishes will always be separate for meat and dairy.
Learn Israeli Food and Jewish Cooking with Cook Book

Cook in Israel cookbook was inspired by Orly Ziv's own Greek-Jewish heritage, as well as the multitude of Jewish cultures present in Israel. Orly has created a fresh and exciting cookbook that highlights 100 of the best Jewish recipes. From a tasty Bukharan chickpea pastry to a delicate Israeli-style cheesecake for the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, the recipes in Cook in Israel: Home Cooking with Orly Ziv run the gamut from savory to sweet.  

The cookbook includes Jewish recipes that are popular the world over, like apple cake, hamantaschen, and latkes as well as regional specialties like Iraqi kichry (a spiced rice and lentil dish), North African chraime (fish in a piquant sauce), and Greek leek patties.


Israeli Jewish Food cooking
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