Lifestyle and cuisine related culture in Israel

Cooking Vacations - Lifestyle and cuisine related culture in Israel


If you're thinking of taking a culinary tour in the wondrous land of Israel, you're probably also interested in the local lifestyle and culture. Israelis spend their time, and especially their weekends, relaxing from their 5-6 days working week with their friends and relatives.

During the weekends or after-work hours, you can find most Israelis having a few hours off in their local restaurants, coffee shops and especially at the beaches when it's summer time. This culture and lifestyle is often being referred to abroad as Mediterranean, mainly because the attraction are open late at night, and you can find groups of teenagers and families going side by side at peace.

A major part of the Israeli lifestyle has to do with Culinary and local cuisine. Actually, it's safe to say that eating is one of the most common Israeli hobbies, outdoors and indoors. It has become so in-style to invest in a nice cooking area for your own home, that a thorough research conducted by a university in northern Israel has found that when purchasing a new house – and it doesn't matter whether you're renting (or buying) an old place near Beer-Sheba, or Luxury apartments in Tel Aviv– you will end up paying more for designing your kitchen, even more than the living room or guest rooms.

What about outdoors? First of all, Young Israelis are obligated to perform 3 years in the army, which afterwards most of them travel abroad and learn about new cultures – and yes, new types of Food. Other than that, the often visits of Israeli crowds to those areas have brought a whole new fashion, and now-days you can encounter Original Israeli food in foreign restaurants anywhere!

Even local Israeli fast-food is one of the most thriving businesses in the country. You won't find a main street in any of the cities that won't supply you with a wide variety of Falafel stands, Shawarma shops and mainly Hummus that will go around any other food. (Don't forget to leave a 10% tip at least!)

Despite the tough economic situation, Israelis aren't cheap when it comes to high class lifestyle, and thus they don't hesitate to pay for luxurious Wine and drinks when they go out. It's safe to say that the Wine industry in Israel is actually one of the strongest ones in the entire world, and should you take your culinary tour in Israel , you will find that there are so many cuisine related attraction to witness – that you would surely come again!

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