Walnuts & Almonds Cookies

Cooking Vacations - Walnuts & Almonds Cookies

Kosher for Passover

3 eggs
100 gr. sugar
250 gr. ground almonds
250 gr. ground walnuts
6 gr. (a tsp.) baking powder
Rose water
Icing sugar

1.Beat eggs. When beaten eggs begin to capture volume and bleach, add the sugar gradually, while beating, until the mixture is static, bright and puffy.
2.Add the dry ingredients and rose water, fold with a spatula and mix well for a uniform mass.
3.Keep an hour in the refrigerator, until you get a solid pulp and comfortable place to work.
4.Roll dough into balls weighing 10-8 grams each.
5.Roll each dough ball in a bowl with sugar, "wrap" it well, then wrap tightly with icing sugar.
6.Place the balls on a baking pan covered with a baking sheet, leaving gaps between them.
7.Bake in oven preheated to 1700c for 10 minutes.
8.Serve cool at room temperature.
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